Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 63: Burgundy Pink and Gold Bracelet

For starters this bracelet was so big I could not get a clear picture.  This bracelet is so big I was almost able to fit both my wrists inside of it.  I feel as if I am setting up a series of yo mama jokes, but seriously this was my first attempt at making a bracelet.  I over measured my wrist assuming that I could somehow hide the rest, I was just too excited to use that wire that has been sitting in my jewel box.  I used this bag of glass beads I found at Joanns. Some of the beads have a floral glaze while others are just covered in glitter or flecks of white paint.  I can not sell this bracelet in good faith so I am going to buy a box, put in the matching earrings I did not want to sell, place it in a box, and mail it to a relative a few days before Christmas.  It's nice to give away stuff you do not need!

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